Traditional meeting

On 7 and 8 February 2008 in spa complex “Hissar”, in the town of Hissar, a third, becoming traditional now, meeting was held between the managerial team of “Plovdiv – Yuri Gagarin BT” Plc and partners and customers of the Company from different areas of industry.

Besides “Bulgartabak Holding” and the executive directors and colleagues of the cigarette factories in Blagoevgrad, Plovdiv, Sofia and Stara Zagora, other companies were invited and presented: “Kraft Foods” – Bulgaria, “Alen Mak”, “Roza Impex”, “Ficosota Syntes”, “Aroma”, “Karmelina”, “SofKao”, “Bella – Bulgaria”, “Velpa”, “Media Systems”, “Vitavel”, McCroft Tobacco, ISCO & Co. In compliance with the idea for those meetings – introducing the forthcoming aims of “Plovdiv – Yuri Gagarin BT” Plc, a review was done of the commitments that have already been made, targeted at improving the quality of our products and the overall growth of the Company since our last meeting.

A short-term and realistically set goal in the programme for the management of “Plovdiv – Yuri Gagarin BT” Plc is establishing it as the biggest manufacturer on the Balkan Peninsular of multi-colour luxury packages from paper and cardboard for the cigarette, food-processing, cosmetic, perfume and pharmaceutical industry.